Which bills are heading to the Governor’s Desk?


Last night, the State Legislature reached the deadline for each house to move bills forward in 2023. Legislators considered over 700 bills this week alone, rarely holding bills back or voting bills down.
Governor Newsom has until October 14 to sign or veto legislation approved by legislators.
Notable challenging measures sent to the governor’s desk by the Legislature include:
  • SB 253 (Wiener) Climate emissions reporting, including Scope 3 (supply chain) emissions.
  • SB 799 (Portantino) – Unemployment insurance for workers on strike after two weeks.
  • SB 616 (Gonzalez) – Expansion of paid sick leave beyond the current three days/48 hours. Amended bill changed to five days/40 hours of sick leave, instead of the originally proposed seven days/56 hours.
  • AB 363 (Bauer-Kahan) – Bans the consumer use of certain pesticides before the Department of Pesticide Regulation finalizes its scientific evaluation process.
For a list of measures at the forefront of Ag Council’s work, please click HERE to read about the status of bills, including those measures where a veto is being sought.