SB 616 Signed by Governor Newsom
On October 4, Governor Newsom signed SB 616 (Gonzalez) to expand paid sick leave in California from three days to five days.

A previous version of the measure would have expanded paid sick leave to seven days. However, a group of Moderate Democrats in the State Legislature negotiated an amendment to change the bill to five days before it was sent to the governor.

Ag Council joined other ag and business groups to pursue another provision to require a doctor’s note for the sick leave. However, it was not included in the final bill.

To read Governor Newsom’s announcement regarding SB 616, click HERE.

SB 799 Vetoed by Governor Newsom
A few days prior, on September 30, Governor Newsom vetoed SB 799 (Portantino). The bill would have provided unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to workers on strike after two weeks.

In his veto message, Governor Newsom said, “Any expansion of eligibility for UI benefits could increase California’s outstanding federal UI debt projected to be nearly $20 billion by the end of the year and could jeopardize California’s Benefit Cost Ratio add-on waiver application, significantly increasing taxes on employers.”

“Now is not the time to increase costs or incur this sizable debt,” the governor concluded.

Ag Council and others from the ag and business community had urged the veto, and we thank the governor for taking this action.

Click HERE to read the governor’s SB 799 veto message.