The California Energy Commission (CEC) is soliciting applications for the Food Production Investment Program (FPIP), which is a matching state grant helping California food processors implement energy efficient technologies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while maintaining product quality and quantity and protecting California jobs.
Ag Council strongly supports this program and encourages eligible members to apply.
FPIP incentivizes food producers to install advanced energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and assists this important sector within the food supply chain in lowering GHGs to help achieve California’s carbon reduction goals.
FPIP is furthering air quality improvements in areas where food processing is located, including many disadvantaged and low-income communities throughout the state.
Food production costs are typically higher in California compared with other areas because our food processors are meeting some of the strongest environmental, climate, and labor standards in the world.  Given those costs, FPIP helps retain food production and jobs in California, which benefits the economy.
The governor’s budget proposal includes a reduction in General Fund dollars for FPIP due to the budget deficit. However, CEC opened this solicitation for FPIP given the program has current year budget funds available that derive from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.
CEC staff is hosting a Pre-Application Workshop via zoom on February 6, 2024, at 10 a.m. To register, click HERE.
Application Deadline
The deadline to apply for a FPIP grant in this round of funding is April 26, 2024.  
Click HERE for an overview of the program, access the 2024 solicitation manual, and additional details.